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Bringing the health benefit of Cordyceps Militaris to Goans

VanaShrubs Pvt Ltd is an inspiration brought into reality by is founders who believe in preserving and protecting the Mother Nature as well to nurture its booty and reach to the common person out there.
“Vana” means forest and “Shrub” means a plant smaller than a tree having several main stems arising at or near the ground.
We are into Research, Development, Production, Cultivation and Marketing of various mushrooms more particularly focused on”Cordyceps Militaris” mushroom, its by-products and similarly other mushrooms, its by-products and marketing. We are dedicated to the agriculture sector and strongly believe in protecting our mother nature and therefore this company and taken a unique project on Cordyceps Militaris. Cordyceps Militaris is a high profile mushroom which is seldom found in Himalyan ranges which has tremendous medicinal value and has been in use in traditional medicine practices since years in the Himalayan mountain ranges. People risk their lives in climbing these mountains to trace for this rare mushroom and even today this rare species is out of reach of the common man.
Having passion to serve the common person, with the use of modern technology and microbiology we could obtain the tissue culture of this rare species and have now grown this product for use of the common people,that too without disturbing the nature. It’s the innovation and our business philosophy which we adopt in our process that has pushed us to achieve this goal with the smartest of initiative taken by us.
Although we have been working on standard mushrooms for long under guidance of various experts, the idea of bringing Cordyceps Militaris in the local market came up during the struggling times of Pandemic of Covid 19 in the world. Studies revealed that Corona Virus was causing fatal loss of lives of humans by attacking the respiratory system. The worst effected were those with very low immune systems, having respiratory problems like Bronchitis, Asthma and other liver and lung related problems. Our exploration showed that Cordyceps Militaris had all that characteristics that could build a very high immune system for humans. Like research papers showed that it is also very helpful in cases where people had respiratory problems. It increases your stamina as well as acts as a relaxer for your body and mind.

All these further propelled us ahead to take up this project to bring this rare Himalayan species to the common man that too at an affordable rate. We strongly believe in only sourcing ethically the products, building them at our home plant and serving them fresh to you at a fair price. We are now looking forward to bring in wider spectrum of production in this field thereby making us sustainable to come with our brand franchisee for our products. These outlets will be fully equipped with total brands of our company where the customers can walk in to see our products, obtain our unique recipes for consumption of Cordyceps Militaris by way of tea, soups, smoothies and much more.

I’d like to personally invite you to stop by and try one of our fresh products for yourself, be it in the form of dry cordyceps, cordyceps powder, cordyceps tincture and much more.